Reaching the state of Be-ing: How to get there

It is human nature to seek to unplug, to nurture our inner introvert, and to be comfortable in silence. Many of us have practiced meditation, guided imagery, yoga, and other energy modalities to reach a place of peace or be-ing. To arrive at be-ing is to arrive at the place of acceptance. It is surrendering to your natural flow and vibe. After a blissful sound healing session, a friend once reminded me that this state is your natural state, one you can return to at any time.

The pain of not being “real”

The physical and emotional turmoil of feeling everything at a high intensity level can be overwhelming and debilitating. For many empaths, this results in anxiety, depression, withdrawal, isolation, rejection, and just not feeling well overall. To protect themselves from these painful experiences, some empaths find it easier to hide behind a façade than to be authentic and live their true expression.