Energy Medicine

Techniques - to transform Your Life

Why can’t I find balance in my life?

Finding balance has never been easy. We each juggle many responsibilities and roles. Over time, all these parts we play ─ and the anxieties and errands that come with them ─ stack on top of one another.  You may feel physically weighed down by burdens or energetically worn down by worries. Harnessing the energy to put things back in balance may feel impossible, especially if your energy field has developed leaks through daily wear and tear.


Find your center

Energy medicine is a way to come back to your center, where your aura is at its most resilient and your energy at its peak. In our sessions, I will guide you through exercises and practices that will help you clear, balance, and strengthen your energy field from the comfort of your own home. Together, we will explore a variety of modalities to help you achieve balance, including:

  • acupressure tapping,
  • energy medicine,
  • Akashic records access,
  • intuitive life path guidance, and
  • therapeutic writing.

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