Workshop Gift Certificate

Workshop Gift Certificate


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A workshop gift certificate can be applied toward a variety of workshops offered in the coming year. These workshops will include:

Beginning Energy Medicine : learn a simple 5 minute routine to help balance and clear energy

Empath Survival:  identify if you’re an empath,explore  the challenges an empath faces, and learn techniques to help

Chakra Clearing and Balancing:  learn to identify the chakras, and how to clear and balance them

How to manage anxiety thorough energy techniques: learn how  anxiety effected  through our triple warmer meridian , and ways to sedate this meridian to promote relaxation.

Tapping , what’s it all about? Explore accupressure tapping though energy psychology techniques.  Learn ways that our bodies react to stress, trauma, phobias, etc, and how you can learn to change  your reaction to reduce the effects of the triggers which cause anxiety, panic and stress,

Finding your way through grief through energy healing techniques: identify the energy systems primarily effected by grief and learn ways to clear and balance them.

Manifesting by creating a vision board: explore the law of attraction , and create a vision board for manifesting

The Five Elements: identifying your element and discover  how  this effects your relationship with others

Indigo and Crystal kids and adults: learn about crystal and indigo energy, identify if you or your child are indigo and crystal, explore the unique challenges and how to cope with them