Empath First Aid


Is this Package for you ?
Do you feel you have been spiritually awoken?
Are your senses and everything around you heightened?
Do you feel you’re searching for your purpose?
Are others around you saying that you’ve changed?
Are you finding it hard to relate to others?

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Do you ?

Feel the emotions , illnesses, aches , pain, thoughts and feelings of others?
Have trouble distinguishing if these belong to you or someone else?
Have trouble releasing these?
Have complete strangers approach you ,and tell you their life story?
Sense energy of people, animals, plants, etc?

Is this you ?

You connect easily to people and animals
You are intuitive and seem to “know things”
You feel you have a life purpose which you are driven to fulfill
You feel your role is one of a healer
You have a tendency to attract people with unhealthy personalities (self centered, emotionally unavailable, lacking respect and honor of others)

Do you need?

Tools to recognize energy (your own and other’s)
Ways to shield yourself from absorbing other people’s energy
Ways to release energy which does not belong to you ,and energetic attachments
Ways to balance yourself energetically, spiritually,and physically
Ways to distinguish between being a giver and being a sacrificer

You’ll Receive :

Guidance from a Spiritual Teacher in the following areas:
Recognizing energy,and distinguishing what is yours,and what is someone else’s
Learning tools to prevent absorbing energy of other’s
Learning tools to free yourself from outside energies,and energetic attachments
Energy exercises which will help you clear and balance your energy
Tools to help you distinguish if you are being a giver, or if you sacrificing something for the benefit of others

1 -30 minute intention setting session

( phone, Skype, zoom, other) $65.00

During this session, we will explore your awakening, and define what your needs and goals are

8 sessions

1 hour each in 8 weeks  (phone or Skype ) 

Each session will focus what you’ve identified as wanting to conquer as an Empath. Together we will come up with solutions you can transfer to your life . You will receive guidance and suggestions from another Empath who has walked this path,and had to figure it out by trial and error. You will feel more in control , and less weighted down by using the tools you will learn and practice. Each session will build on the previous one, helping you to shield your energy,and get rid of energy which does not belong to you .

The 8 sessions in 8 weeks will allow you to maintain momentum with your shift.

Unlimited email access

You will be able to ask questions or address issues between sessions via email.

You’ll receive:

8 sessions  @ $125.00 value each                                              $750.00
(1) 30 minute intention setting session                                       $65.00
Unlimited e-mail access @ $200.00 per month X 2              $400.00
TOTAL VALUE OF PACKAGE                                        $1,215.00

OFFERED FOR LIMITED TIME FOR                             $950.00

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Dimensions 370 × 245 in

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