Maintaining your Balance during the Holiday Season

As I sit and watch the television ads, social media posts, and listen to my friends, family, and people I talk to as a life path guide, healer, teacher and therapist, I wonder how we  endure all this stress and make it to January.  I try to limit my time watching television and being “plugged in”, but find sometimes it is unavoidable as it  can be addicting.

I named my practice Balance Psychotherapy and Energy Wellness because I believe one of the biggest challenges in life is maintaining balance.   How often do you feel out of balance, unfocused, have difficulty concentrating, and don’t feel “on your game?”   For most of us it is often , if not daily.

So what do you do to maintain your balance during this potentially stressful and hectic holiday season?

Here are some tips:

  1.  Remember to just breathe.  Take a few minutes a day to take a few deep breaths.  Find a peaceful , quiet place where you can just focus your intention on breathing.  Maybe you can go into the break room,the bathroom ,  or step outside.   You’ll be surprised how much calmer you feel, and how things are put into perspective.
  2. Get connected with nature and the outdoors.   Try to spend just a few minutes outside even if the weather isn’t the greatest.  Bundle up if you live in the Northeast like me.  It’s cold, and it’s challenging to make the effort, but you’ll feel better if you do.
  3. Try a gratitude journal. You can escape the commercialism of the holidays by focusing what is important to you .  By stating what you’re grateful for, you’ll see a shift in your thoughts, energy ,  and stress level.  If you’re not a writer, simply think of one or two things you are grateful for each day.
  4. Make your own traditions.  Try not to fall into the “shoulds”.  We can place a lot of pressure on ourselves trying to live up to other’s standards.  This often does not benefit us or the other people.  Do what you want, not what you perceive other’s want you to do.
  5. Put it into perspective.  Remember this season is only a short time , and has an end.  The pressure will dissipate as the season changes.  If  the stress persists, talk to someone.  Get another opinion and perspective.  Often seeing something through the eyes of others is helpful with this.
  6. Practice balance, literally.  I find I feel much more balanced when I practice yoga.  For me it’s about slowing down the breath and focusing my intention on balance.  Of course tree pose is a great one to help practice balance too.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful.  If you resonate with this , I have the solution(s) for you !! Check out my website at and send me an email or private message to discover more ways to  bring yourself back into BALANCE.