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Life Path Guide and Teacher work

includes work individually and in workshops to help guide you through life transitions and barriers.

As a life path guide teacher and healer , I will work with you on an intuitive level. Together we will collaborate to explore your life purpose and path.

We’ll discover blocks and challenges which have prevented you from fulfilling that purpose. This work takes you “out of the box”, where nothing is weird , judged , or off limits.

It’s work I wish to share with you , as it’s been part of my journey. This work is my passion, and my basis for developing the packages for Jose spiritually awakening and coming into their gifts.

The Complementary Therapy I received with Tammy has filled the gap that was missing in traditional therapy for me.

Patient, Balance Psychotherapy and Energy Wellness

Coping with my grief has been a challenge. Thank-you Tammy for helping me through this.

Patient, Balance Psychotherapy and Energy Wellness

After my workshop with Tammy Zumbo, really feel I can balance all the aspects of my busy life!

Betsy, Atendee