Got Energy? Wellness that is!!

When was the last time you had your Energy Wellness check up?

What is  Energy Wellness?

How does it effect your Energy Bank?

Can it prevent Energy Hooks ?

If you’re curious about these, keep reading for some surprises and answers.  

What is all the fuss about Energy Wellness?

Energy Wellness is as important as breathing and your heartbeat.

It maintains your life force and your physical body as well.

Your Energy Wellness needs to be nurtured and maintained just like your physical wellness.

Having a compromised energy wellness makes you less resilient.




Having a depleted Energy Bank effects your Energy Wellness.

When your Energy Wellness is challenged by fatigue, stress, physical or emotional challenges, you need a surplus to draw from.

If your Energy Wellness is challenged, you are more susceptible to being the target for Energy Hooks.

None of us want to be hooked energetically.

So, what can we do about this??

Here are the ways you can maintain your Energy Wellness and get Energy Check Ups:


1.  Assess your Energy on a daily basis.  Many of you are energy practitioners like myself.  Use your skills, intuition and training to “tune in” and check out your Energy Field

2.  Schedule an Energy Wellness Check Up.  If you’re like me, you have many Energy Practitioner Friends.  We trade sessions, and all of us benefit.  If you don’t have access to a friend you can trade with, schedule a session.  It will be the best investment in your Energy Wellness you’ll make.  Energy Practitioners like Energy Medicine, Reiki, Shamanic Practitioners, Healing Touch, etc  are trained to “feel” and sense energetic imbalances.  They can guide you in learning how to clear and balance these.

3.  Use figure 8’s in your field.  Remember when you were sitting in that boring classroom or at your last meeting and you doodled on your paper with figure 8’s?? Well who knew that figure 8’s actually help you with balance, resetting the flow of energy, and concentration.  So, using your hand to trace them all around your body helps you restore your energy wellness.

4.  Blow it out.  Literally.  There is an Energy Balancing Exercise from my Energy Medicine Training with Donna Eden called the “Blow Out.”  It’s really simple, and really effective.  Stand with your feet hip width distance apart.  Raise your arms overhead with palms facing you .  Make a fist, and then pull your hands down the front of your body, bending knees and releasing fists into ground with a “SHHH” or exhale noise. Repeat this 3-4 times, and ending the exercise at a slower tempo. Remember if you’re doing this in your office like me, your colleagues may think you’re saying S**t and wonder if your’re having a bad day. (That actually did happen to me)

5.  Be kind to yourself. Remember you have the right to recharge and take a break anytime.  Try an Epsom salt bath, or shower with rose scented body wash.  Spray rose water , use crystals, a salt lamp, and a diffuser with lavender or another scent you like.  All of these are cleansing and will help you clear stuck energies.

6.  MOVE.  Don’t start packing your boxes just yet.  I mean move your body.  Shake, wiggle, dance, walk, jump, stretch.  Energy needs space and likes to move.  After I do an Energy Balancing session, I stretch, do gentle yoga, and shake the energy off my limbs.

7.  Take breaks and walks.  Change your scenery.  I set an intention to get out of the office every day.  It may only be a quick 10 minute walk around the block, but it helps recharge me.

8.  Tell others and tell yourself your Energy Wellness Counts.   Just like Character Counts , Your Energy Counts too!!

9.  Educate others around you about the importance of Energy Wellness.We know that healthy energy is contagious.

10.  Smile, Laugh, Be Silly.  Throw dance parties in your living room.  Make silly faces .  Tell jokes and find humor every day.  Humor is  one of the prescriptions in Energy Wellness.

  So, here’s to Energy Wellness!! Got Energy?? You bet I do and so do You!!


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In Peace,
Tammy Zumbo, LCSW-R