Energy Banking: Are you making enough deposits?


Do you often feel depleted?

Do you wonder if you have enough energy to make it through the day?

Do you feel compelled to give away your energy to others?

Do others just drain you?

If you’ve answered “yes ” to any of these questions, you are likely making more withdrawals than deposits in your energy bank.

How do we make withdrawals  from our energy bank?

“Energy” from our Energy Bank  in this sense does not  refer to physical energy.  Rather it refers to our energy field.

In Chinese Medicine tradition and teachings, the energy field refers to the Aura, Chakras, Meridians, and the Grid.

Most of us are familiar with our Aura, or our energetic shield or bubble.  It protects us from absorbing other people’s energy.  The Chakras are spinning vortices of energy with which we communicate energetically with others.  Meridians are pathways which energy travels through, and the Grid is your energetic skeletal system.  All of these are included in our Energy Bank.

There are many ways in which we make withdrawals from our energy banks.  We can voluntarily or involuntarily make withdrawals.  People may approach us  personally or professionally.   They may ask directly or indirectly for energy from you .  Often the language is not so direct. Often the language is not in energy terms, but may be disguised in other terms.  Often they may not even ask, but we perceive or “feel” their need for energy intuitively.

So, we decide to help our friends, our family, our clients, our patients, our acquaintances, and people we just met in the grocery store.  We voluntarily give them our energy .  We help them with a project, we babysit their pets and their children, we gift them an energy balancing session, we transfer our recent energy deposit into their account.

Then we look at our balance.  It’s at or near 0.  That’s a problem.  Now we don’t have enough energy to sustain ourselves and our energy field.  We feel and look depleted.  Physically, emotionally and most of all energetically.

So, what do you do to begin to build up and retain your energy deposits?

Here are the steps to build your Energy Bank up:

  1.  Self Care.  I know it sounds cliche, but it really is the most important in energy banking.  Set an intention and develop a practice which helps to sustain and retain your energy .  For me it’s a daily practice of self Reiki, followed by the Daily Energy Routine (Donna Eden), yoga stretches, walking , and a balanced diet.  It is essential for me to have an accountability partner in this practice.  Every day we text each other when we have completed our daily practice.  It makes it harder to skip it, and helps to build those habits.
  2. Take breaks and allow yourself to say “No” to requests for help, favors, work, etc.  If it doesn’t resonate with you , say no.  You have the right to protect your energy deposit from an automatic withdrawal.
  3. Pick your company carefully.  It really matters who you hang out with.  I’ve noticed over the past 10 years that changing my company has really helped me retain my energy.
  4. Play and have fun.  Express your passion in whatever way calls to you .  In energy terms we call the energies of joy and love Radiant Circuits.  This energy system is seen as one that can jump and go wherever it is needed in the body and energy field.  Having strong Radiant Circuits will help to prevent your energy bank from being depleted.
  5. Make frequent deposit by picking and being in your happy place .  If you cannot get to the beach , the mountains, the woods, the desert, go there through a guided imagery.  Close your eyes, focus on slowing down your breathing, and imagine yourself there.  Take in all the joy and energy, and deposit that in your bank.
  6. Play with your pets.  They are great energy builders and will help you make a deposit.
  7. Journal.  Write about all you are grateful for.  Developing a gratitude practice helps with energy deposits .  Gratitude for the smallest thing will help you to turn around your feelings of negativity and depletion.  Try practicing saying out loud every day “Today I am grateful for ______________.”
  8. Pay it forward and share the love.  A simple thing like a smile, buying someone’s coffee, offering to hold the door, and demonstrating compassion will make deposits in your energy bank.
  9. Be aware when you making withdrawals, voluntarily or involuntarily. Track these withdrawals, and notice to whom they are going to.  Evaluate if this is how you wish to invest your energy.  If not, make some changes in how and to whom you are sending your energy.  This can be done in a subtle or direct way. A subtle way can be through energy shielding and blocking, and a direct way is by not making the withdrawal.  We will explore this more in a later post.
  10. Know you are doing this all for your well being, and release any sense of guilt, duty, and role you feel like you need to play.  Investing in yourself is not selfish, but rather a necessary step in being able to sustain your energy bank.  Choose to have a healthy banking practice, rather than one which is constantly depleted.

Whichever step or steps you decide to pursue, know you are making steps toward replenishing your energy bank.  You will feel and look better, and will be more in control of how your banking is done.

It’s up to you.  Do you want to drain your energy account?

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In Peace,
Tammy Zumbo, LCSW-R