complementary therapy

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I offer Energy Balancing sessions, which blend Reiki and Energy Medicine modalities. Both of these modalities are based in Chinese Medicine. They help to clear and balance your body’s energy system.

They include Energy Balancing Techniques and Exercises, and other energy work done in the energy field to help boost your immune system, promote relaxation, lower blood pressure, help with managing depression, anxiety, trauma, phobias, and life transition issues.

The Complementary Therapy I received with Tammy has filled the gap that was missing in traditional therapy for me.

Patient, Balance Psychotherapy and Energy Wellness

Coping with my grief has been a challenge. Thank-you Tammy for helping me through this.

Patient, Balance Psychotherapy and Energy Wellness

After my workshop with Tammy Zumbo, really feel I can balance all the aspects of my busy life!

Betsy, Atendee