Authentic You: Stepping Out of the Storm Part One

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Do you feel like you’re in the middle of a storm?

Trying to see beyond the chaos we call our norm?

Are you tired of fighting the harsh wind and debris?

What price are you paying for trying to conform?

If you’ve had enough of not being your authentic self, discover the ways to step out of the storm. 


What does it feel like to be in the eye of the storm?


We all know that familiar feeling.


Struggling to breathe amidst the wind and chaos. 


The chaos caused by constant reminders that we are not doing it right.


We do not fit in with the others.


Feeling like the apple among all the oranges.


All of us lightworkers, healers, Empaths, Souls on a journey know this on an intimate level.


Remember that movie “Twister”, where they chased the tornados?

We don’t want to chase the storms.

By honoring who we are, and acknowledging that we don’t need to fit in, we step out of the storm.

What does it mean to be and live as our Authentic Selves?

What do we lose and gain in the process?

Are you willing to take the risk?

To step out of the storm?

To save yourself, your Soul?

By trying to conform, we are making ourselves sick.

We are compromising our immune systems, our soul purpose and journey, our true passion and essence.

We will explore this topic more in part 2 of this series.

How do you step out of the storm?


1.  Acknowledge that you are in the midst of a storm. How do you feel? Fatigued, dreading the day, fighting the wind to move forward?

2.  Close your eyes.  Visualize the storm around you .  See yourself in the midst of it all.  

3.  Identify all that makes up that storm.  It is certain people, relationships, jobs, your role in the community, the perception of others?

4.  Now visualize yourself conquering each and every one of those parts of the storm.  See yourself with your magic wand (I always wished I had one), crystals, allies, your guides, support system.  As you watch those pieces of the storm blow away as they spin out from the center, visualize yourself standing there empowered and strong.

5.  Now visualize yourself as you weave back together the parts of you that are your authentic self.   

6.  Find a trusted guide to help you identify who you really are.  A therapist, friend, life coach, etc.  Let them help you discover you .  

7.  Talk to those who share similar journeys.  When I was going through this process, I connected with other energy healers.  Find your tribe, and risk being vulnerable.

8.  Just start the process of shedding.  It’s scary to leave relationships, jobs, homes, etc.  Start small and build up to bigger ones.

9. Breathe in the sweet smell of freedom, the ability to be yourself.  Don’t let anyone try to convince you that you should not complete this process.

10.  Look back at the storm, thank it for its lessons.  Thank it for teaching you that you do not need to stay there and conform.

Welcome home to who you truly are, your authentic self.

Now enjoy the glow, ease , and freedom to express it!!

Do you want guidance getting out of the storm?

Let me help you navigate your way.

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In Peace,
Tammy Zumbo, LCSW-R