And so it began …

Awakenings are sometimes gentle, and most often not.  Mine was not a gentle one.  I have been working with energy for several years, and have been on my spiritual journey.  There have been several shifts along the way. Each unique with it’s own set of challenges, but unlike the most recent one.

And so it began, early evening, on a drive home on a road I have traveled for eight years.  Doesn’t this sound familiar? The path we have traveled multiple times, and have not experienced that which further awakens us.

Suddenly a deer appeared in my path, too quickly for me to change my course.  Unfortunately, the deer did not survive, damaging my car but not my body.  I was upset at having killed an innocent animal.  Being a vegetarian and animal lover, the trauma and shock remained with me for some time.  I was thankful to my angels for protecting me from harm.

I searched for the meaning of this sacrifice.  Why would deer appear to me, and sacrifice himself? Was this a mere accident or coincidence? My spiritual beliefs let me to think beyond this.  I knew there was a deeper meaning.

With the help of a friend, meditation,  and my own intuition, I was able to discover that this was way beyond the obvious.  So often we do not look beyond this point.  Our human brain offers us reasoning, and rational explanations.  I wanted to go beyond that.  I knew there was more.

What I first discovered was what I had suspected.  The deer was not just an accident.  He carried with him a deeper, greater meaning.  I expressed gratitude to his spirit for making a sacrifice for me to receive a message. The message for me was STOP. Why? Because I had been running around, working many hours, trying to help as many people as I could awaken and guide them on their path.  I had in the process been neglecting myself.  I was putting my needs on the back burner.  Running out of steam.   Too exhausted to practice my own spiritual practice, which I taught others.  I was not pursuing my dreams.  Not writing, not teaching, not exploring other sources of wisdom.  So, deer told me to STOP. His message was loud and clear, and not one to be ignored.  My guides and the universe had certainly had much to do with this action.

As I further pondered this new discovery, I was led to pull cards , from  Doreen Virtue’s Healing with the Angels  deck, and from Jamie Sams and David Carson’s Medicine Cards.   The Angel card which presented was Divine Timing.  The message consisted of paying attention to doors opening and shutting, and to realize that everything happens in divine timing.  Really? Like the accident? I was also reminded that pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place, and that you cannot skip or rush these pieces.  The plan would lack a solid foundation if so.  I was also reminded to look at closed doors as lessons, and to walk through the open ones.

Next came the Medicine cards, suggested to me by a wise friend and mentor.  I have felt a deep connection to animals for a long time.  I not only connect with them, but can also hear them.  I often pick up on their messages and communication, and can communicate with them.  So, the cards that presented to me were Otter and Whale.

Otter reminds us to play.  What an interesting message.  Was I forgetting to play when deer reminded me to Stop?

Whale is the Record Keeper.  Whale keeps the record of our Earth, working also with Native Medicine and the Great Star Nation.  As I discovered the messages Whale brings, I was led to connect with this totem, and tap into the records of our world.  Little did I know that this journey would lead to a much greater purpose.

So it began, with daily meditations, opening the channel for Whale .  As I completed this daily ritual, the communication became deeper and more personal.  However, I did not expect this communication to be not only for myself, but for others.  For our entire world and humanity.

I learned by channeling whale, shape shifting and experiencing all he wanted me to know, that it was time to step out, expose myself, be vulnerable, take risks, and deliver the message to those who are searching.

I learned that Whale is a wise creature, funny and witty.

I learned that I no longer need to fear consequences, as in the past. I do not need to fear sacrifices that I and others have made in the past for speaking the truth, and sharing the messages.

So, out of this adventure , my blog post “Messages from Whale ” has been birthed.  These messages will be shared and posted for others to see, relate to , learn from , heal, and venture into their quest.  It is Whale’s most precious gift to us as members of Humanity, and it is my privilege and honor to channel and deliver these messages to you.

Sometimes we need a jolt to wake us up, to make us notice that all is not as it seems.  I ask you to journey into the unfamiliar, to welcome your awakening, and to know that you are not alone.  You are surrounded by the love, guidance, support, and validation of many others, from our dimension and beyond.

Are you ready to receive and explore?

Welcome Home